Accounts Management System (AMS)

The Accounts Management System (AMS) enables our customers and agents to manage their resources more effectively and conveniently anytime. They can create accounts with unlimited groups or channels according to the applicable licensing terms.

Device Management System (DMS)

The Device Management System (DMS) manages the device resources remotely. This includes managing the apps on the device, disabling device camera and external storage, remote data wiping, controlling which application to always run and restricting access to system.

Evidence Management System (EMS)

The Evidence Management System (EMS) manages the photos and videos saved on the device by pulling the contents over WiFi or USB during charging. Media content capture by the device is not removable; users can choose to archive for future reference, or delete from the system.

Local Positioning System (LPS)

The Local Positioning System (LPS) is an important complementary segment and alternative to GPS. Unlike GPS, it does not provide global coverage but it is more accurate, efficient and adaptive to local indoor environments such as airports, metro stations, tunnels and other areas.

Lone Worker Protection (LWP)

Lone Worker Protection (LWP) helps to create a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. Whether the lone workers are in a remote or dangerous location, the LWP will keep these lone workers safely connected to your team via their TOKIE devices

Incident Reporting System (IRS)

Incident Reporting System (IRS) is designed to manage user tasks to ensure the problems are attended to, or an assignment is fulfilled. Tasks can be assigned by the administrator to any individual or a team for their necessary action.